Don’t take the Elderly for granted

It’s incredible to think that two-thirds of all the people in history who have lived to the age of 65 are alive today.

There are far more Senior Citizens alive today than at other point in history. This is an incredible time to live in; the last century has been filled with breathtaking medical advances that continue today giving us longer and longer lifespans with higher and higher quality of life. This immense positive progress has had some negative consequences; the shear number of elderly means that where they were once honored and respected, they are now taken for granted and sometimes even neglected and abused.

It may no longer be a feat to live beyond forty but each elder is still a remarkable treasure. Reach elder is unique treasurehold of wisdom, experience, and life knowledge. Each of them have seen our world undergo changes unlike anything else in history. Let’s cherish them while we have the chance.

Mourning Edith

Back in May we promoted the Keep the Spirit of 45′ Alive campaign by sharing the story of Edith Shain and encouraging all of you to listen to the stories of the greatest generation while the opportunity is still with us. It was with deep regret that we learned from Paula Camposano-Robinson, a nurse herself, that Edith passed away on Sunday.

Made an icon by the famous Times Square photograph on V-J Day, Edith kept her identity a secret until the 1970s when she finally acknowledged that she was the nurse.  In her later years she was an active advocate for veterans and projects helping to ensure that World War 2 would not fade from memory.

We mourn her passing and hope that you don’t take the greatest generation for granted; we are losing them one by one.