The founder of Elder Depot, Kristen Pipher, devoted over five years to caring for her dependent grandparents. Both suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and other physical ailments.  After her grandmother passed away from kidney failure in 2002, Kristen made the decision to develop a comprehensive web site to help others care for their aging relatives and friends; leading to the establishment of Elder Depot.  This is not just a store to Kristen, as she is truly committed to providing her fellow caregivers with the products, information, and services they need to make daily life easier while caring for their loved ones.

Elder Depot is dedicated to the Loving Memories of Kristen’s grandparents; who always supported her, cared for her and instilled the values that she is still thankful for today.

Oma and Opa

 Garden of Memory

“God’s finger touched her and she slipped away From earth’s dark shadows to a brighter day; God saw the road was getting rough, The hills were hard to climb; He gently closed her weary eyes, And whispered, “Peace be thine.” To a beautiful garden this friend has gone, To a land of perfect rest; Though she is gone she still lives on In the garden of memory.”

One thought on “Dedications

  1. I thank you for all that I have read. I care for an elderly aunt who has challenged my life greatly. For the last 10 years I have traveled to and from her home to make sure she is comfortable and now I feel she should have more professional care she fights me tooth and nail for this. I have been advised to not go to her home daily but it is difficult to let go. Thank you for allowing me to read the blogs from other to gather support for.

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