That’s it, I’m done : The outburst of a Caregiver?

The news has been abuzz over the JetBlue air steward who dramatically quit his job earlier this week. Yesterday, I was reading an article on the topic by the Daily Record and they shared a bit of information that I hadn’t seen before.

Slater nursed his elderly father as he died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and is now going through a similar ordeal with his mother, who has lung cancer.

I don’t know the details but I take that as meaning that Steve Slater currently is caregiver to a terminally ill parent and is dealing with the grief of losing another parent. His frustration has resonated with service workers across the world, however most of those workers would only dream of quitting in the fashion that Steve Slater did. I wonder if it was the emotional strain of caregiving that pushed him beyond his breaking point, declaring “That’s it, I’m done.”

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