Home Modification Solutions for Seniors with Limited Vision

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Age-related eye diseases that lead to vision loss are a common health problem among seniors. While vision loss can have a profound impact on your day-to-day life, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your golden years. Low vision seniors can still live safely and independently at home with a few simple home modifications. Caregiver Corner offers plenty of useful resources that can help you cope with health changes like vision loss. Below, we’ve collected just a few home modification ideas to get you started.

Improve the Lighting in Your Home

To help prevent falls and injuries, make sure every room, staircase, and hallway in your home is brightly lit.

Use Contrast and Color to Enhance Accessibility

Mixing light and dark colors around your home can help you detect important objects like stairs, doorways, and furniture.

  • Apply contrast strips to stairs and thresholds.
  • Repaint door knobs in bright colors for greater visibility.
  • Choose high-contrast color schemes for your bedroom.
  • In the kitchen, use brightly colored dishes and high-contrast food preparation tools.

Reduce and Eliminate Fall Hazards

Low-vision seniors are more likely to suffer a fall at home, so take steps to mitigate your fall risk.

  • Remove trip hazards from around your home.
  • Remove area rugs that slide around or bunch up.
  • Install grab-bars and railings throughout your home.
  • Install non-slip flooring in your kitchen and bathroom.

Living with low vision isn’t always easy. As you adjust to this new challenge, make some modifications around your home so you can stay safe and comfortable. Through good lighting, high-contrast design, and a few home safety upgrades, you can live a happy, healthy and independent life!

Post contributed by Tanya Lee at AbilityVillage.org

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